If you like and support The Green Corridor proposal, show your support through the following ways. Let’s show that we care with one united voice!

1. Like the Facebook Page

For Facebook users, you can support The Green Corridor simply by clicking the ‘Like’ button below at the ‘We support The Green Corridor in Singapore’ Facebook page. If you have already liked the page, thanks for the support!

2. Sign the Pledge

For non-Facebook users, you can still show support for The Green Corridor by signing the pledge below. To avoid double-counting of the number of supporters, please do not sign this pledge if you have already liked the Facebook page. Thanks! 1,563 people signed the pledge.

Pledge to Support The Green Corridor in Singapore

I pledge to support The Green Corridor proposal and share it with my friends.


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David Fogarty,

Ulf Zagermann,

Steve Wilson,

Alyce Chyi Yiing Chong,

Karunakaran OP,

Yeow Hui,



Vinita Sim,


Kshitij Gopal,

Daenh Muhammad Odzrian Bin Osman,





Tilo Settmacher,

Clara Tan,

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Jeffrey Ryan,





Yong Kang Ming,

Onno Dries,

David Tully,

3. Support from Organisations

If your organisation or group supports The Green Corridor, show your support by listing your name here. Contact us to list your name.

  1. Access to Justice Asia
  2. Artists Caravan
  3. Avelife
  4. Eco Walk the Talk
  5. Environmental Challenge Organisation (Singapore)
  6. Food for All
  7. Good Paper
  8. Green Drinks Singapore
  9. Greenleaf Residents Association
  10. Ground-Up Initiative
  11. Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore)
  12. Kampung Temasek
  13. Naked Hermit Crabs
  14. Nature Society (Singapore)
  15. Soaring Eagles Scout Group
  16. The Architectural Society
  17. The Hantu Bloggers
  18. The Singapore Australian Football Club
  19. Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
  20. VegVibe

4. Support from Businesses

If your company supports The Green Corridor, show your support by listing your name here. Contact us to list your name.

  1. Ananya Venture Pte Ltd
  2. Asia-Pacific LOHAS Pte Ltd
  3. BioVeda Capital
  4. Clean Mobility Singapore Pte Ltd
  5. Climb Asia Pte Ltd
  6. Counterpoint Consulting
  7. dapao foods pte ltd
  8. Eco Adventures Worldwide Pte Ltd
  10. Eco Travel Services (ETS) Pte Ltd
  11. Etrican Pte Ltd
  12. First Aurora
  13. For the Love of Laundry
  14. Forward Asia Pacific Consulting Pte Ltd
  15. GFIA Pte Ltd
  16. Green Future Solutions
  17. GreenPost
  18. Javee Innovations LLP
  19. Olive Ventures
  20. Osmosis Ventures
  21. Radmox Systems + Technology Pte Ltd
  22. Sustainable PR
  23. Synovations Pte Ltd
  24. The Indela
  25. Tree In Lodge