Misleading claims by the Ministry of Adventure

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We feel that this event post at https://www.facebook.com/events/1026857430718208/ by the Ministry of Adventure is misleading, with claims about the “planned destruction” and “demise” of the rail corridor, and plans to turn it into another park connector.

We got in touch with URA, who shared that they have contacted the event organisers to explain and also sent the following note to them:

“It was a pleasure chatting with yet another person from the community who is passionate about the Rail Corridor. Thank you once again for allowing us to share more about this project.

We have been working closely with the community on the Rail Corridor project. From our past four years of extensive public consultations on plans for the Rail Corridor, one recurring theme that surfaced was to make the Rail Corridor a more inclusive public space for Singaporeans from all walks of life, while retaining its distinctive characteristics.

Far from destroying the Rail Corridor and replacing it with a Park Connector Network, our intention is to strengthen its signature “Green Corridor” experience. The Rail Corridor will be retained as a seamless 24 km-long public space that links nature and heritage. From mid-2016 to 2019, a new water pipeline will be built under the southern-half of the Rail Corridor. This will not only support our future demand for water in the city area, but secure the Rail Corridor as a contiguous space for recreational use because no developments can be built above the pipeline. During this period, parts of the Rail Corridor will be temporarily closed, but will progressively reopen after the pipeline is laid. PUB has also conducted environmental studies and will put in measures to minimise the impact of construction works. More details of the closure and reopening will be made public by PUB in due course which I could also forward you when available.

Regenerating the vegetation with an appropriate natural landscape and planting strategy, and enhancing biodiversity along selected stretches of the Rail Corridor are part of our plans to strengthen the wilderness of this “nature highway”. There will also be sensitive design strategies to heighten the Rail Corridor’s sense of memory and heritage.

Lastly, to allow people of all ages and abilities to access the Rail Corridor safely and enjoy what it offers, it is important that we improve the trail using suitable materials, with basic amenities added at suitable locations. These will be complementary and consistent with the character of the Rail Corridor at different stretches.

As we want the Rail Corridor to be appropriate and relevant to all Singaporeans, we are continuing to collect public feedback for the awarded Concept Master Plan for the Corridor which we announced last November. Do drop by http://ura.sg/railrfp to view the proposals and give us your comments.

We hope that you can consider sharing with MOA fans more about the Rail Corridor project, so we can reach out to more people to make this a truly inclusive community space.”

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  1. Manish says:

    It Looks nice when any project get completed by concerning Ministries. But sometimes after consequences are really bad and it can be harmful in depth. Rail Corridor should be safe and mostly avoidable according to me. It shouldn’t be open for general public in my opinion.Thanks!

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