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Note from PUB on the Murnane Pipeline Project

PUB will be commencing work for the laying of a new water pipeline in Q2 2016. Half of the pipeline will run beneath the Rail Corridor. The works will be carried out in phases and is expected to complete by 2019. For public safety, PUB will temporarily close off the stretch of the Rail Corridor south of Holland Road during this period, and progressively reopen sections from 4Q2017 after the pipeline has been laid and the ground reinstated. The rest of the Rail Corridor will remain open to the public.

PUB’s Facebook page will provide updates on the Murnane Pipeline Project.

Pls click to view the project information map (updated on 7 Jun 2016).

PUB  contruction_signage  6-2-16 FINAL

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7 Responses to “Murnane Pipeline Project”
  1. Julien Reidy says:

    I use the green corridor nearly every day. Its a unique part of Singapore. So sad to hear it will be closed to the public, from Holland Rd all the way to the end of the line in the city, for such a long period of time.

  2. Thomas says:

    Just FYI, I bicycled on the Green Corridor on Wednesday 15 June 2016.
    The trail conditions were superb and there was no sign of an impending closure.
    Read more at the web link I provided.

  3. David G.C. Lockedout says:

    For those of us who like to ‘get away’ from road vehicular traffic (and the air/noise pollution) the G.Corridor is indispensable for walking and biking. I would echo the comments above that it is very unfortunate that the GC will be closed up until late 2019 in some sections. When I lived in the CCK area I used to ride the corridor all the way down to Tanjong Pagar and then navigate through the multi-lane, polluted and high speed one way streets cum freeways of downtown/”Gardens” By the Bay to connect Marina Barrage and the East Coast Connector. I recently moved to the Buena Vista area thinking myself so fortunate to be able to ride my bike safely downtown on the GC. Wrong ! My personal sadness about the seeming draconian nature of this full closure leads me to want to ask a few questions: Why 3-4 years for this pipeline project? Yes, water is crucial, but SG can build freeways and roads in a very rapid timeframe, so why not a bit faster for an important green amenity? Not enough bikers? If it was road traffic would it be different? 2) Why not enable construction to continue at the same time as recreation? In other words have closed off areas but also have permitted ‘access zones’ or and at least have partial temporal access (e.g. Sundays open) along a safe narrow strip. I know that agencies will be concerned about liability and safety/accidents and so want full closure locked in. It seems, however, that a more thoughtful plan could have been devised to enable multiple “stakeholders” to enjoy and access different parts of Singapore on the safe and green way, rather than on the polluted and busy streets ! We have so few delightful places in this city and now one less. 🙁

  4. jimmy pang says:

    I peeked over when driving past gim moh, at the section parallel to north buona vista road, just before reaching holland drive, and I saw that the hoarding around the trail has been mostly removed. I could see a reddish/pink trail surface, which suggests the trail has been paved already. I think the area past this, towards the MOE building may still be closed, but at least this section appears open now. Looking forward to riding it to explore again.

  5. Ping says:

    What’s the current update on the green corridor? Its mid 2019 now, surely it must all be complete?

  6. Jes Yip says:

    We are approaching 2020 and the section between former Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and Jalan Kilang Barat is still not open. It was scheduled to open Q4 2019. When can residents along Jalan Bukit Merah access the long awaited green corridor?


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