Our reply on the water pipeline construction at the Rail Corridor

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PUB will be laying a new major water pipeline from the Murnane Service Reservoir located in central Singapore to the city area underneath the Rail Corridor from 2016-2019.

We feel that although the water pipeline construction work on the southern stretch of the Rail Corridor will cause short-term disruption, it would actually help to ensure the long-term future of the corridor, since no major developments would then be built on top of the pipeline. This means a continuous green corridor will be maintained along that stretch in the future.

PUB has consulted the Rail Corridor Partnership Group and assured that an Environmental Impact Assessment study will be conducted before the works to minimise the impacts, and that alternative public access will be provided along the corridor to minimise disruption.

Nevertheless, there will be some inconveniences for users along the southern stretch of the corridor over the next 5 years, but we hope this short-term disruption would eventually lead to the long-term conservation of the corridor over the next 50-100 years and beyond for future generations to enjoy.

In the meantime, we will continue to engage with URA and SLA on the long-term master plan of the corridor and also to look into having proper signage and access points along the corridor.

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