Preserve rail station as part of transport network

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Letter from Kong Pih Shu, TODAY, 31 May 2011.

I would like to suggest that the railway station be preserved as what it is – a railway station.

Continue the rail services, perhaps as an extension of public transport, with stations plotted along the railway line. In the future, we could extend the line around Singapore, so visitors and locals alike can experience a rustic, “kampung-like” way of travelling to see the whole country.

The railway line can complement the MRT network, with coaches that blend modern and traditional elements. In order to make taking the train a great family activity, we can consider, for instance, incorporating dining experiences on board. With a railway line, one can also simply hop on and disembark at, say, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Station and have a cup of coffee before venturing out to the reserve. There are so many possibilities!

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Source: TODAY

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