Informal group to discuss railway land use

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By Amelia Tan, The Straits Times, 10 Jul 2011.

An informal workgroup that includes people with varied perspectives has been formed to chart the future of the former KTM railway land. It includes representatives from nature and heritage groups, architects and university dons.

Already, its first meeting is scheduled in one to two weeks’ time, said Minister of State for National Development and Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin, who is leading the railway development project.

Meetings will be held once every one or two months, he told reporters at Bukit Timah Railway Station yesterday.

Brigadier-General (NS) Tan was leading a group of about 30 people from interest groups, such as nature and heritage groups, as well as individuals on a 23km trek along the railway tracks from Silat Estate in Tanjong Pagar to Kranji.

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Source: The Straits Times via Wildsingapore

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3 Responses to “Informal group to discuss railway land use”
  1. Poh Eng Seng says:

    Great to see the government responding favourably to the calls from Green Corridor activists and also from Nature Society. A good start ! We learned from past experience that some heritage (physical or social-cultural) can be easily lost in the face of rapid economic growth or blind search for economic returns in land scarce Singapore. The balance has now seemed appropriate to tilt it towards maintaining a natural green (call it Rail Corridor) line with lush adjacent vegetation built upon most of the natural existing tropical foliage and blending this with safe (we need this very much!) public amenities for the young (esp) and the elderly in as continuous a stretch as possible. It will take time to conceive but we shouldn’t rush lest we make unnecessary mistakes but to ensure this project is participative and all options are tabled and discussed. Most of the current “backyards” of residential, commercial and industrial developmenst along this corridor also will have a golden opportunity to enjoy the quality and value of any rehabilitation that will be done to the Rail corridor – this was my impression when I took the train ride to KL from Tanjong Pagar during the last week of operation (after one walk with green Corridor group from Ulu Pandan to Bulit Nature Reserve area, and 3 visits to TP Station). It is an exciting time for Rail Corridor enthusiasts……and we should monitor and contribute to the process.

  2. Suzie says:


    Want to make this green walk on this Sunday 17 July.

    Anybody going? Where is the best location one shod take it as a starting point for the walk…

    Would be fun…

    Pls write back.

    Suzie, supporter

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