A Green Opportunity

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By National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan, 9 Jul 2011 (this was posted on his blog).

I love greenery. In Sembawang, we did a lot to green up the place. In the new hospital in Yishun, we set out to build a “hospital in a garden” and we succeeded.

Seven weeks into MND, I have been flooded with emails and FB comments, 99% of them on housing, quite understandably.

But there were a few non-housing comments.

I got one from a medical school student, interested in the “preservation and continued development of Singapore’s urban culture”. She referred me to the Green Corridor Project being proposed by the Nature Society, suggesting the possibilities that we could create after Malayan Railway moved its station from Tj Pagar to Woodlands. She referred me to the New York’s High Line project which was quite inspirational.

I too see a green opportunity in this development. Read more

Old KTM tracks to become “green spine”

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By Hoe Yeen Nie, Channel NewsAsia, 9 Jul 2011.

The National Development Ministry is studying ways to retain the old KTM railway tracks as a green spine for nature and leisure.

The railway line running through Singapore was closed after the KTM train station at Tanjong Pagar moved to Woodlands on July 1.

Writing in his blog on Saturday, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan said he sees a “green opportunity” for urban development that will not compromise the development potential of the lands surrounding the track.

He hopes Singaporeans will come forward with their ideas to “co-develop a workable and practical scheme”.

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Source: Channel NewsAsia

Why the need to develop our railway tracks?

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Letter by Damian Ng, TODAY, 6 Jul 2011.

I am sad to learn that the railway tracks will only be open until next Sunday (with exception of a stretch between Rifle Range Road and the Rail Mall until end of the month).

It was beautiful to see hundreds of people strolling along the tracks at the weekend, enjoying the newfound space. It is not often the public is given such freedom to roam in such a tranquil environment. Yet, it is being taken away from us almost immediately.

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Source: TODAY