PM Lee Supports The Green Corridor

August 16, 2011 by  
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During last Sunday’s National Day Rally, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong cited The Green Corridor project as one example where Singaporeans are going beyond giving views and coming forward to work with one other and with the government on projects which matter to them and which are good for Singapore.

PM Lee mentioned that MND, URA and himself are very keen on this project. Here’s the excerpts from his speech:

13. Very encouraged that Singaporeans are going beyond giving views

a. Coming forward to work with each other and with the government on projects which they care about

14. e.g. creating a green spine along KTM railway line

a. URA carrying out extensive public consultation

b. Looking for creative ways of preserving green spaces without affecting development potential of the land

c. Many bright ideas, including from students, architects, design professionals

i. To use sections as creative arts and performing spaces

ii. To develop a leisure corridor, linked to our park connector network

d. One proposal from Ms Regina Koo, a recent Architecture graduate from NUS

i. To develop stretch in Yew Tee beside Pang Sua Canal

ii. Build a “Velo-Park”, with bikeways, bike rental stalls, bike club and bike café

e. Look forward to many more good ideas

f. And hope when plans are settled, the interest groups will actively participate in implementing the projects

Watch the speech where PM Lee mentions The Green Corridor (the mention is from the middle of the video onwards).