A Walk Down the Tracks – The Green Corridor

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By David Teo, 17 Jul 2011.

Bukit Timah Station at 645am on 10th July - now fenced up and closed.
Bukit Timah Station at 645am on 10th July – now fenced up and closed. 

When I started documenting the KTM railway closure in Singapore, I had decided I would do no more than a series of 5 postings documenting the closure, the people and of course, the trains. During the frenetic days leading up to the closure, I had taken a trek from the rail mall to the Chua Chu Kang level crossing (a distance of about 3km I believe). It was tough walking on the sleepers and the ballast and trying to stay alert to both photograph and avoid on-coming trains; however it was a great eye opener and not something one can do everyday in Singapore, and certainly not after the end of this year, where all the tracks will be returned to Malaysia. So when a chance to walk another section of the tracks surfaced, I jumped on it. This is a special green corridor update, and with many people flocking to walk the tracks, it only seems appropriate to talk about the importance of preserving the green corridor. Read more