S’poreans bid Tanjong Pagar Railway Station farewell

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By The Straits Times, 30 Jun 2011.

MR SHAMSUL Bahari became somewhat of a celebrity on Thursday evening, as hundreds of visitors swamped the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station on its last day of operations.

The station manager, 43, who’s worked at the station since 1996, was signing autographs for the people who came up to him bearing souvenirs — from coffee mugs to PVC folders with images of the station imprinted on them. ‘Must be more than 1,000 people already since this morning,’ Mr Bahari said, smiling. ‘No, my hands not tired yet!’

Around the station, shutterbugs scattered themselves, adding to the sense of occasion, bulbs flashing at every corner of the 79-year-old KTM Railway Station. Music blared through stereos brought by visitors; necks craned behind iron grilles that separated the ticketing booth from the train platforms. On Friday, the land on which the station sits will revert to Singapore.

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Source: The Straits Times

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