Walking route from Holland Road to Buona Vista

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Here’s a map of Our Hidden Backyard – Walking route from Holland Road to Buona Vista, which includes good photo-taking spots. Thanks to the great effort from CY Leong!

Download high-res map of [download#4#size#nohits]

(Maps attributed to OneMap by SLA, http://www.onemap.sg/index.html)

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4 Responses to “Walking route from Holland Road to Buona Vista”
  1. Dawn says:

    Thank you to CY Leong for absolutely fantastic and detailed maps. They were a true labour of love and were much appreciated.

  2. Bartek says:

    I ran from Rail Mall to Buona Vista today, about 6km. It was beautiful, and very easy thanks to the new Downtown MRT line. I took Downtown MRT to Hillview, walked towards and past Rail Mall and then went up the little hill to the left of the railway bridge crossing the road. You can’t miss the bridge, and the access is perfect–nice and easy. From Hillview to the bridge is about 350 or 400 meters. You could park at the Rail Mall if you wanted to as well. Then I exited the corridor at Buona Vista where the Circle Line and East West MRT lines are conveniently located. So there you have it–easy access, one way with MRT stations at both ends, and parking. The exit up to the MRT is on the right side after you go under the bridge for N. Buona Vista Road.

    I’m just a tourist but I appreciate this website for helping me find this beautiful place to run and thought I would give something back. I hope nobody minds that I’ve posted the same thing on all three relevant sections. Cheers!

  3. PJH says:

    Can not find entrance


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