Walking the railway together [9 Jul]

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Join us for a walk with Minister of State for National Development, Tan Chuan-Jin, tomorrow 6am, starting at the carpark next to Silat Walk Blk 25/26. Or you can join in later along the railway, check out the maps of the walking routes on how to get around. See you tomorrow!

Read latest details of the walk at https://www.facebook.com/notes/tan-chuan-jin/walking-the-railway-together/213262195383230. Here’s the last update (at 8 Jul, 11:30am):

I am planning to walk the length of the railway from Tanjong Pagar Railway Station to Woodlands. Would like to see it all before the rail and sleepers are taken away. Will be walking with our friends who feel passionately about this piece of land and the life around it. Join us if you are free?

6.00am Silat Estate: Starts trek at Silat Walk Car Park next to Blk 25/26. (double confirmed!)

6.30am Should commence after hanging around and sorting ourselves out.

9.00am (6km from Start Pt): Reach Buona Vista MRT

10.30am (10.8km from Start Pt): Reach Bt Timah Railway Station

12.30am (13.6km from Start Pt): Reach Rail Mall

1.30pm Proceed with rest of the trek along the corridor

7.00pm End at Kranji Road (23km from start point). Easier access from here to exit.

btw, please be adequately hydrated before you start and bring along ample water for drinking; snacks or whatever you fancy for energy along the way. Wear a STURDY pair of shoes (poor soles have been seen left behind along the way 🙂 , put on sun block, caps etc. If not feeling well, please feel free to stop at various exit points along the way.

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2 Responses to “Walking the railway together [9 Jul]”
  1. Loo Lih Chyun says:

    This is my second comment. My last comment was to show my support for the suggestion of turning this green corridor into a biking trail. Here, I would like to add that my intention is to make it a public green corridor, and not some private housing or private recreational place such as the golf course where only a small percentage rich people can enjoy. This green corridor should be opened for all, including those staying away from the prime areas in Woodlands!

  2. Bill Watts says:

    Just like to point out that the powers that be already started demolishing the lines fittings and fixtures on 3rd July! (bear in mind that the 3rd was a Saturday too) I intended to photogtraph the level crossings, and arrived at Gombak barraks crossing about 09:30 to discover that the gates had already been removed with a chain saw and were lying in pieces in the road awaiting loading on a truck for disposal, and the gate keepers hut was being stripped. I don’t think that the line will be here much longer!

    IMHO the government is moving criminally fast on this, it does not bode well for retaining the “Green Corridor”.

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