A walk on the wild side

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By Jerome Lim, 15 May 2011.

I took a walk into a world where there might not have been one, where gold, crimson and blue tinged fairies dance a flight of joy, a joy that’s echoed in the singing of songs of joy that eludes ears made weary by the cacophony of the grey world we have found ourselves in. It is a world that seeks to be found in the midst of the cold grey world we find around us, a world that we may soon lose with the lost of the reasons for its being. The world I speak of is none other than the Green Corridor that has existed solely because of the railway which has allowed a green and seemingly distant world to exist next to the concrete world that we have created in our island.

A world that seeks to be discovered – but how much longer will it be there for us? Read more

Red Dragonflies Movie Outing [5 May]

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Time: Thursday May 5, 7:40pm – 9:15pm.

Location: Iluma Bugis.

We are organising an outing to watch the award-winning local film, Red Dragonflies, which opens this Thursday at Iluma Bugis. The film is shot partly at the old Jurong Line.

Pls buy your own tickets online at http://www.filmgarde.com.sg/detail.aspx?ID=212.

Duration: 96 mins

Director: Liao Jiekai

Cast: Ng Xuan Ming, Jason Hui, Thow Xin Wei, Oon Yee Jeng, Yeo Shang Xuan, Ong Kuan Loong, Chen Mei Guang, Haruka Ashida

Rachel and her two friends explore an abandoned railway track that runs through a dense forest, but an unforeseen incident brings their little adventure to an abrupt end. Elsewhere, 26-year-old Rachel rekindles an old friendship with a high school friend. When a little boy from her past reappears, Rachel finds herself retracing a trail of iron and wood. Wistful and mysterious, the film depicts a world littered with incongruity, absences and traces of childhood dreams.

Watch the trailer at http://youtu.be/SBGzwQxISls. More info at http://www.reddragonflies.sg/.

Pls buy your own tickets online at http://www.filmgarde.com.sg/detail.aspx?ID=212.

Do support this local movie and see you there!